About the Author

You know, I don’t really know what to put here on my about page. I guess lets just start with the basics.

Hi, my name is Aisley Oliphant and I write. I also read. I run. I enjoy myself a good pun. Laughing is a favorite hobby. I really love doing arts and crafts (you know, like cross stitching, coloring, the works). I’m interested in bullet journaling (but mark me, I’m not a professional) and am a compulsive planner…except for when I’m writing. Like most people, I have a day job and am working towards a full time writer gig. In the future. When there’s a bit more money to go around. You know the drill.

But writing is definitely my passion and it is my mission to bring the world quality stories that resonate with everyone as much as I can manage. I love stories grounded in character development and supported by beautiful world building. I want to write stories that sweep readers away, make them feel, help them forget. I want people to come away from my work feeling like my stories left them with something that speaks to them.

I am far from perfect. This blog is and will continue to be the house, or embodiment, if you will, of my journey to being able to fulfill my mission and become the writer I know I have potential to be. But until then, you’re going to have to bear with me.

Cheers, and read on!

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