On Writing, What I'm Writing! :D

Twenty Mile March: What I Learned from 500+ Words Per Day

About two weeks ago, I announced I was going to complete a "Twenty Mile March" goal of writing 500 or more words every day, except for Sundays. I committed to being accountable for my word count on social media each of those days.  As a quick rehash, the Twenty Mile March was a mindset coined… Continue reading Twenty Mile March: What I Learned from 500+ Words Per Day

On Writing, What I'm Writing! :D

The Twenty Mile March

I want to try a different blog post format this week. The past few times I’ve been giving direction and advice, but this time I wanted to make it more about accountability. I’ve mentioned in previous posts I’m 4-5 chapters away from finishing the manuscript for my current novel, but since then, I’m encountering a… Continue reading The Twenty Mile March

On Writing, What I'm Writing! :D

Honesty Corner: Getting Serious About Writing

I’m going to be completely up front. The past 9 months have been excruciating. I’ve done more things for my development as a writer over this time period than I ever have. Growing up, I said I wanted to be a published writer, but I never did much to progress towards it outside of writing… Continue reading Honesty Corner: Getting Serious About Writing

Writing Excerpts

Gifted Excerpt 1

This November, I completed a novel entitled Gifted. It is a zombie apocalypse novel that came out of absolutely nowhere, but I love it. Here is a small teaser scene in which the main character, Jaz, sees the world outside of the compound for the first time. The abandoned street is even creepier down here and… Continue reading Gifted Excerpt 1

Writing Excerpts

Disconnect Excerpt 2

Just to give a little context to this excerpt, Adam and Mike are attending an end-of-finals party in Virtual Reality (or Virtual Conferencing, as I refer to it) for an exclusive club called the Elitists. This picks up right after they arrive at HotSpot, a popular social networking "site" on the Mainframe. --ACE Mike plopped… Continue reading Disconnect Excerpt 2

Writing Excerpts

Disconnect Excerpt 1

Name: Adam Johnson Age: 17 Height: 5’ 8” Current location: UNKNOWN Last Status Update: 3 Months ago   Rex tapped his teeth with a holo pen. This whole thing was a mess. Several power stations shut down, throwing half the population into panic. Entire communities locked down to prevent panic from spreading— A small beep… Continue reading Disconnect Excerpt 1

Snapshot Fiction

“Heart of Courage”

Play clip while reading excerpt. Brock stood overlooking the mountain pass. His armies were in place. There was no turning back, and if they were going to survive this invasion, they needed to be strong. He stepped away from the cliff’s edge as his command officer approached him, beaten helmet under the crook of his… Continue reading “Heart of Courage”

What I'm Writing! :D


Adam Johnson lives in a world where everything is perfect. Technology is advancing at a swift, steady pace, he lives in the lap of luxury, and he is about to graduate at the top of his class with the highest statistic score ever seen. Everything he could possibly want is at his fingertips. But when… Continue reading Disconnect