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Productivity Apps for Writers

Productivity apps are a saving grace for my writing. Over the years and through a lot of research, I’ve found a handful of apps that work really well with my process, particularly when I’m not at my computer. I wanted to share with all of you the productivity apps I’ve been using to get a… Continue reading Productivity Apps for Writers

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Enhancing Creativity Through Physical Fitness: Results Edition

The results are in! August went by faster than I anticipated, and now it is time to come back to talk about how my experiment to track the effect of exercise and good eating on my creativity. What I Did For those who are just now tuning in, I attended a panel at a writing… Continue reading Enhancing Creativity Through Physical Fitness: Results Edition

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Bullet Journaling for Writers

Finding a good planner for writing can be a struggle. I looked for years and couldn’t find one that worked well with what I needed as a writer. And truth be told, I didn’t really know what I needed as a writer because I was (and still am) trying to figure out my process. I… Continue reading Bullet Journaling for Writers

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Distraction Journaling: Increase Your Focus

Focus is a precious resource. There is only so much of it to go around, it can be elusive and difficult to maintain, and yet it is vital in getting things done. Many people struggle to hold it, me being one of them. I frequently get sidetracked when I’m working on projects that need deep… Continue reading Distraction Journaling: Increase Your Focus

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Controlling Your Free Time

What does it mean to control your free time? For me, the idea of controlling my free time has long meant doing things I like to do in the spaces between my external obligations. But I recently learned that my perception was wrong, and I wanted to share with you some concepts from Laura Vanderkam’s… Continue reading Controlling Your Free Time

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Enhancing Creativity Through Physical Fitness

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the connection between body and mind, specifically as it relates to taking care of the body to enhance or enable creativity. I have set stretch goals for my writing this month, and will need every advantage I can give myself. The last time I set crazy goals like this was… Continue reading Enhancing Creativity Through Physical Fitness

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Planned Neglect: The Art of Acting Like You Want It

How do you know how important something is to someone? It’s not how much they talk about it, for sure. People can talk about things till they are blue in the face, but that doesn’t mean it is a priority for them. The real test of importance comes when people do something about it.  The… Continue reading Planned Neglect: The Art of Acting Like You Want It

Affirmations and Creativity
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Affirmations and Creativity

One vampiric curse we all have is self-doubt. We talk ourselves down from doing things, we second guess ourselves, and we listen to the internal monologue that tells us we are not good enough and our ideas are crap. This self destructive conversation sucks us dry of the motivational life-blood that keeps us going and… Continue reading Affirmations and Creativity

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Overcoming Your “Wall of Awful”

I recently watched a really good video created by How To ADHD on YouTube about “the Wall of Awful.” Although I’m neurotypical, I found a lot of the concepts were interesting and applied to me as a creative. The “Wall of Awful” analogy was created by Brendan Mahan of ADHD Essentials to describe why it… Continue reading Overcoming Your “Wall of Awful”

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Fill Your Creative Well

I finally feel like I’m hitting stride coping with coronavirus. It is so much easier for me to stay at home now, and I feel like I’m making good progress with my writing. I realize that not many people can say that and I feel particularly blessed. Part of the reason I’m doing much better… Continue reading Fill Your Creative Well