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March Madness (for Writers)

Happy March everyone! It’s finally the most wonderful month of the year. MARCH MADNESS is in the air and I’m here to suggest that it is an event not just for basketball fans, but for writer’s too!

With the coming of the new month, my writing Professor, Dr. Griffiths, posted a status update stating “March Madness: the month in which a crazy amount of writing happens.” I’m here to second that motion, and invite you to join in the fun! Make a goal this month–a word count goal, a chapter goal, a plot goal, a time goal, focusing goal, whatever!–and stick with it for the month of March. Get up at 4 am, take a cold shower and go to! Stay up until the wee hours of the morning with an enormous box of chocolates to fuel you through the night! Do what you need to do to hit your goal.

Now, March Madness is an event designed to test your writing prowess, and  in order to keep the challenge fun you can’t forget to reward yourself. Meet that goal and take yourself out to lunch, go buy yourself Cafe Rio, or something you’ve always wanted. Just something, anything that you know you will enjoy. Because face it. You deserve something great for meeting that goal of yours.

Alright, enough reading about writing! Get out there and begin your own March Madness!

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