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Book Review: Cities of Smoke and Starlight, by Alli Earnest

When Kase Shackley accepted responsibility for an accident that nearly killed a greenie pilot, he thought his family name would protect him. 

He was wrong.

He didn’t expect the supreme commander of the military, his own father, to be the judge in his trial. 

Now, in order to evade retribution and clear his name, he joins a secret mission to find and make an alliance with the Yalvs, a long lost indigenous culture whose riches, magic, and metals could save their country from war with the neighboring Cerulenes.

His mission is further complicated when he realizes the Yalven scholar hired for the trip is none other than Hallie Walker, a rude, insolent young woman who humiliated and slapped him at the theater days before.

But in order to save their country, Kase, Hallie, and their rag-tag airship strike team must learn to work together to locate the long lost Yalven capital before the Cerulenes, or they, along with their country, will die in the attempt.