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“Heart of Courage”

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Brock stood overlooking the mountain pass. His armies were in place. There was no turning back, and if they were going to survive this invasion, they needed to be strong.

He stepped away from the cliff’s edge as his command officer approached him, beaten helmet under the crook of his arm. A wind blew across the two men.

“The armies are in position Captain.”

Brock nodded slightly. “Yes Gabriel. Prepare the men for the fight of their lives. There is no way through this pass except through us. And only heaven knows if we will survive. We cannot let them falter.”

Gabriel’s face was grim. He, too knew the outcome of this fight. Brock turned his face upward. Dark clouds gathered overhead, and he prayed the gods were with them.

“Gabriel. I wish to speak to the men before the enemy arrives.” Brock placed a hand on the shoulder of his childhood playmate. “Take courage. Think of why we are here.”

Brock strode to his horse at the bottom of the slanted path that etched its way up to the cliff. Placing his helmet on his head, he stroked his Gallantra’s muzzle once, and pulled himself into the worn saddle. Head held high, he rode to the entrance of the pass, where his meager army of one thousand created a barrier to protect their liberty.

He urged his horse up a new trail climbing the side of the ravine until he stood, wreathed in dark clouds on top of the arch of the pass. From there, he could see their faces behind dull and battered helmets. Many of the men were weary, and knew they would not survive this fight. Brock held his head high. The wind grew as he spoke.

“My friends, our enemy has made preparations for an invasion to take what is rightfully ours. I know many of you are weary, and we are few in number, but do not be disheartened! Take courage in knowing why you are here, what you are fighting for!! Along this path we chose to take, we lost many friends, comrades, family members. Do not let them die in vain! The enemy is strong. We are stronger. We are still standing. Do not falter! Show them we will not yield. Show them they cannot stop us. Show them what it means to fight for Freedom!”

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